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Eagle Technologies is an industry leader in the development of rotor blades and prop blades applicable to rotorcraft, fixed wing, wind power and unmanned aerial systems.

Composite Rotor Blades & Propellers

All of our employees

are trained to be responsible for quality assurance. We strive to provide industry leading services.

  • Manufacture the proprotor blades for the first V-280 tiltrotor, an aircraft that has been selected to advance as part of the Joint Multi-Role Demonstrator (JMR-TD) program

  • Detail Design and Fabrication of the Sikorsky S97 Raider Main Rotor Blades

Recent Rotor Blade Experience

  • ASC Autoclave System (2014)- 5 x 27 feet ; 150psig/ 625°F

  • Four Clean Room Complexes with Air Cleanliness: FED STD 209, ISO 14644, SS9309, 4,000 sq ft qualified space

  • Gerber DCS 2500 Ply Cutter d.Engineer Lab: Pull Test, Fatigue Test, Risk Reduction Testing, etc.

Our Rotor Blade Development Facilities


Our rotor blades soar above the competition



  • Fabrication of Boeing Phantom Eye Prop Blades

  • Design and Fabrication of the Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator Main Rotor Blades (Winner of the 2010 Collier Award)

  • Scaled Active Rotor Blades for Army Research Laboratory Wind Tunnel Test