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The prototyping stage of a project is essential to have a clear idea of necessary changes and the challenges you may face during the production stage. We provide all logistics support, design, tooling, fabrication, assembly, and OEM / OTS component integration.

Development and Testing

We are experienced professionals in the engineering, design, analysis, and testing fields.

KARI Tilt-Rotor SmartUAV (SUAV) – ETL successfully designed analyzed, produced tooling, manufactured, inspected, and successfully completed powered testing of the complete rotor and drive systems for this Smart UAV system.

Experienced with Unique Air Vehicle Concept Development

We have a precision machine shop and full testing capabilities on site to provide you with complete service from the prototyping stage to the production stage. Our services include tooling design and development as well as full testing development and implementation.

Full service from Start to Finish

You can count on our services and materials from prototyping to production.



Efforts included design, manufacture, and fatigue test programs for the SUAV’s advanced composite proprotor blades This program also required complete design and manufacture of a ground based “Iron Bird” test facility for rotor & drive system testing, and whirl testing of the KARI Tilt-Rotor SUAV Proprotor Blades. This system was powered by the 600 hp PW-206C turboshaft engine used in the actual air vehicle. Completed full test site development and operations including automated control system with real time graphical user display.