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In addition to state of the art aerospace prototype development, ETL has invested heavily to establish an AS9100 certified production facility.  Our investment and the exceptional efforts of our seasoned staff have resulted in the development of a unique capability in our industry.  ETL is now able to take our customers’ advanced aircraft concepts through the entire design, analysis, and prototype development process, to FAA flight certification testing, and ultimately to production, as we have done with the Inlet System for Sikorsky’s S76D Helicopter.

Flight Quality Production Manufacturing

ETL has the experienced in-house staff and equipment to produce aerospace quality flight certified hardware in all types of aerospace grade metals and composites.  Machining capability includes aluminum, carbon steel, high alloy steels, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, plastics, aerospace grade foam core products and honeycomb core.

Metal and Composite Components

ETL staff routinely produce complete assemblies integrating components manufactured in house along with electronic and mechanical systems either purchased or supplied by our customers.  Our in-house engineering team is capable of managing complex integration problems to produce a turn-key system for delivery to our demanding aerospace customers

Complex Assemblies and System Integration

We provide services for every step of the process, including testing.



Composite manufacturing includes wet layup, pre-preg layup, and resin transfer capability.  We have perfected techniques utilizing our own in house tooling designs for all types of composite manufacture including closed form shapes requiring unique “wash-out” style tooling.